Monroes Live Presents
The Henry Girls
Thu May 09 2024

Doors 8pm

Thu May 09 2024

Doors 8pm

Monroe's Live

Plus special guests

Fully seated show

Monroes Live Presents
The Henry Girls
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‘These sisters have a sensational talent. The quality of their harmony singing goes beyond mere technique. 

They possess an unerring ability to blend tone and resonance in a seamless fashion’    (The Evening Herald)                                                           

The Henry Girls are sisters Karen, Lorna and Joleen McLaughlin from the most Northerly part of  Co. Donegal. The trio formed as a professional music group in 2001 after Lorna and Karen returned from living in Australia where they started to perform and write songs. Joleen the youngest of the three was finishing her leaving certificate and was becoming a very promising harp and piano player so it was a natural progression to join together. They wrote and recorded their first album later that year, produced by Maire Breathnach. They have since gone on to record 5 more original studio albums, a couple of Eps and a live album of music by The Boswell Sisters of New Orleans (released February 2020)

Infused with the rich cultural heritage of their native Donegal but with a transatlantic flavour their music has been described as ʻfull bodied and powerfully dynamicʼ by Froots magazine. They have successfully learned to interweave their traditional roots with contemporary elements, earning them both commercial success and spectacular critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic.

As well as writing and recording albums The Henry Girls have written and performed music for Theatre productions, Dance pieces, Childrens shows and film and television , including the Canadian/Irish co-production “A shine of Rainbows (2008) for which they received an IFTA nomination for their contribution to the musical score.

What sets The Henry Girls apart is their distinctive sound, a captivating fusion of harp, fiddle, accordion, and tight, impressive three-part harmonies. The harmonious interplay between these instruments and their hauntingly beautiful vocals creates a sonic experience that transcends boundaries, capturing the essence of both their Irish roots and a global musical spirit.

The Henry Girls have graced stages at festivals and venues around the world, leaving audiences in awe of their exceptional musicianship and heartfelt performances. From the intimate settings of Irish pubs to large international festivals, their music has resonated with people from diverse backgrounds, connecting them through the universal language of melody and harmony.

The Album: "A Time to Grow":

Their upcoming album, "A Time to Grow," is a testament to The Henry Girls' evolution as artists. Scheduled for release in January 2024, the album promises to be a musical journey that reflects the growth and maturity of the trio. Produced by the acclaimed Tommy McLaughlin, known for his work with influential artists, the album is poised to be a landmark in The Henry Girls' discography.