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Ask your server for details of daily dessert specials.

ALLERGENS - 1. Cereals 2. Crustaceans 3. Egg 4. Fish 5. Peanuts 6. Soybeans 7. Dairy 8. Nuts 9. Celery 10. Mustard 11. Sesame 12. Sulphates 13. Lupin 14. Molluscs

Desserts - Chocolate Brownie served with a scoop of Ice Cream Trio of Ice Cream – Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate Ice Cream drizzled in a delicious strawberry


Chocolate Fudge Cake Fudgy cake served with a scoop of Ice Cream
Cheesecake of the Day Fresh cheesecake slice served with a side of cream Apple Crumble- Warm apple crumble served with custard